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There will always be a part of me that was born and that died in India. Before I set off I was looking forward spending time independently immersing myself in a fascinating culture and hopefully meeting loads of interesting and exciting new people; however, I was to gain so much more in the way of skills and confidence through my time teaching children at schools and helping at the orphanage. I had the good fortune of working with the children of Standard 3B and the enthusiasm and hospitality they extended to me in allowing me to help them read English and also help them learn new ways in which to study is something I will always be grateful for. I have proudly cherished memories now of the before school and after school sessions. I had the opportunity to run for my class and the time spent either working through English worksheets with the children or simply drawing pictures with them. I owe so much to the group leaders and individuals of the GVI family working in India for the help and support they gave me in enabling me to adapt to the conditions and the standards necessary in helping to give these children a better education and chance in life; this also includes the teachers already present at the schools I worked at, whose determination and dedication was an inspiration. I would say to anyone either interested in volunteering, or who just wants to explore different parts of the world and a different culture; that GVI, and GVI Kerala, is the best opportunity I can imagine for them.