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Come Meet Jen Symes

Costa Coffee, 3 Cardinal Walk, London, SW1E 5JE - Monday 19th Feb, 17:00 - 19:00

I signed up with GVI after getting into a bit of a career rut and wanting to do something different. GVI really works right in the communities and cares so much about its local partners so you quickly get to know the people you are helping. Immersing yourself in a GVI project is something I would recommend to absolutely everyone. It not only gives you a taste of a completely different culture whilst contributing to a really worthwhile cause, you become part of this global group who all have the same ideals and passion and that’s incredible. For me it was truly life-changing, as cheesy as it sounds. I decided in Costa Rica I always want to work for an organisation that has a cause I believe in. And I will never forget the people, the memories, and the work we did.

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