Zimanga Veggie Garden: Winter Preparations

By 5 years ago
Categories Limpopo
With the South African winter just around the corner we’re discovering the difficulties of keeping our vegetable garden alive. Over the past couple of weeks the volunteers and staff have cleaned out some of the beds and planted a winter crop. The soil isn’t very fertile so we’ve mixed some of our own compost into it and after the veggies were planted, a layer of bark mulch was applied as topsoil to lock in the moisture for the plants advantage. Almost every meal we eat has something from the garden! Also during the last expedition during one of our morning research drive we stopped at the river bank and collected flat rocks and started building a stone walk way inside the garden and so far it looks amazing!
The garden goes a long way to reducing costs, carbon emissions and you can’t beat the taste and health benefits of freshly picked, home grown, veggies!
Maggie Powers 
Long Term Intern
GVI Zimanga