Wow!! Training, Turtles and even weddings last week at Pez Maya

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Romance was in the air at Pez Maya this week, two former volunteers returned to exchange vows in the company of friends and relatives on the beach where they had met during their phases with the crystal blue waves lapping gently behind them. The bride was a vision in a long white dress with her groom beamed ecstatically while he awaited her as she made her way down the aisle to the sound of an acoustic guitar. It was a wonderful event to behold.

Everyone has been working hard on the various courses they have been doing. All of the volunteers are progressing swiftly through the stages towards becoming monitors with Maj Britt making it to the final stage and becoming a monitor and a couple of others being close on her heels as practise monitors. Also, the latest group of Emergency First Responders passed their tests this week and are now qualified to save our lives, after asking permission of course.

We have been having amazing weather lately allowing us to dive every day although sun burn has become more prominent. There have been sightings of turtles in the area giving us high hopes for the new turtle project that is starting next week.