What’s the deal with GVI’s Virtual Open Days?

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    Posted: March 16, 2022

    Want a meaningful career in conservation or community development, but not sure where to start? Well, what if we told you we’ve organised the perfect event for you?

    Following the success of our previous online GVI events, we’re back with a monthly Virtual Open Day

    It’s more than just starting a career though, isn’t it? You also want to make a difference. Have a positive impact. You’re looking for a community that shares your purpose, passion, and sense of adventure. 

    You want to live boldly. 

    Join us on 23 April as we discuss how you can travel with us to some of the earth’s most extraordinary habitats and communities and help find solutions that support our shared mission for a more sustainable world. 

    This event will take place over Zoom. A link will be sent to you via email and text message the day before the event. Please note that no Zoom account is needed and in the event that you would like to download Zoom, the free version is perfectly suitable. If you are a first-time Zoom user, please note that GVI presenters and other attendees will not be able to see you via video or hear you via sound.  Attendees can engage with us and each other via the chatbox and ask the presenter questions in real time via the Q&A box. These questions will then be answered live.

    If you’re interested, this is your chance. We look forward to connecting with you online soon!

    Why join a GVI Virtual Open Day?



    Well, why not? 

    Not only are our open days fun and free, they’re also a great way to learn more about what we stand for at GVI, and how you can help make a positive impact with us. 

    During our open day, you’ll have the opportunity to find out more about the options we have on offer like:

    • ethical volunteer abroad programs 
    • virtual and in-person internships 
    • online experiences for career development.

    So come and have a listen to presentations about joining the GVI family, and have a chat with our staff and ambassadors who’ll be more than happy to answer anything you might want to know. 

    The open day is very informal. Seriously, you can even stay in bed dressed in your pajamas. 

    You can join the Zoom room any time you want, or stay for the whole event whatever your schedule allows for.

    So, if we’ve got you thinking about attending this digital event, here’s everything you’ll need to know before the big day.

    Virtual Open Day


    gvi virtual open day


    Keen on a career in conservation or community development?

    Learn more about GVI, and what it’s really like to volunteer abroad or pursue a career in these fields during our Virtual Open Day.

    • Date: Saturday 23 April 2022
    • Time:  16H00–18H00 BST | 10H00–12H00 CDT 
    • Where: Online via Zoom (a link will be sent to all those who sign up via email and SMS the night before the event) 
    • How: Sign up to attend via our website, and we’ll email you the event link. 

    Our staff members and alumni will run the open day conducting presentations and sharing insider knowledge on all our different programs.

    Their personal experience working with GVI makes them the perfect people to ask any specific questions you have about conservation and career development. So, don’t be shy and ask away in the Q&A sessions after the presentations!

    Ready to spend some time with our staff?



    At this event, you’ll learn more about our marine conservation programs in Tenerife, our community development programs in Peru, as well as our virtual internship programs. In addition, we’ll be joined by an industry expert who will share more about the where, why and how of ethical photography.

    And two of our past participants will be sharing their experience of a GVI program, and answering any questions you may have.

    You’ll also be hearing from Siobhan Cunliffe – the Remote Internships Manager at GVI – during this online event. Siobhan received her degree in zoology from the University of Leeds, and since then has worked with wildlife on three different continents. Siobhan is passionate about conservation education, community engagement and sustainability.

    As the Remote Internships Manager, she runs our Virtual Experience programs and works closely with both interns and our partner organisations across the world. She’ll be talking to you about how you can make an impact on a remote program. 

    Our UK Outreach Manager, Brooklyn Norton, will be hosting the Open Day. Brooklyn has been part of the GVI family for more than six years, and has a wealth of knowledge and insider information to share with you. She’s spent time volunteering and working on various projects with GVI in locations like the Seychelles, Cape Town, Nepal, Ghana and Thailand. Brooklyn now leads the UK outreach team – offering support, and empowering and overseeing all of our UK-based ambassadors. She also organises events throughout the UK (much like this one) and more. 

    And as if all of this insider information wasn’t enough we’ll also be offering a few specials for those of you who attend our Virtual Open Day! 



    Additionally, there’ll be special offers available: Attendees will be able to secure a booking with a deposit of only £100/$190 USD, if paid by midnight Monday 25 April 2022 (CDT). You’ll also qualify for an additional £100/$190 USD off your booking. If you book via this offer, you can also pay your program off in installments at no extra cost (usually a fee of £125/$250 USD applies). 

    So, whether this blog has inspired you, or you’re already signed up to one of our volunteer abroad or online programs this is your chance to hear about all your options in one place.

    Come along and join us to hear about what the GVI experience involves, from people with firsthand experience and stories to prove it!

    Let us know if you’re planning to attend by signing up for our online Virtual Open Day. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. We can’t wait to e-meet you there.

    Join + save up to GBP 1,000.

    Book before 27 May 2022*