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What is a marine turtle head-start programme?

By 3 years ago


This little green turtle is getting its weekly clean by one of our volunteers Carolina. This guy is one of the thousands of turtles that pass through our partners head-start programme here in Phang Nga, Thailand

A marine turtle head-start programme is a developmental programme designed to raise marine turtles until they are healthy and strong enough to survive in the wild and avoid predation. The theory behind the programme it is quite simple and gives the turtles a ‘head-start’ at life. The survival rate of a clutch of eggs hatched in the wild is less than 1%. Of the original 300 eggs, just one will reach sexual maturity. The survival rate of head started turtles released into the wild is close to about 40%. With a dramatically declining marine turtle population, it’s inspiring to see government and charity organisations doing what they can to try and make a difference and seeing GVI’s volunteers helping our partners reach their goals.

Aside from global issues such as climate change and sea level rise, ocean plastic is single handily one of the biggest killers to these little guys. This includes plastic bags and our most disliked – styrofoam. All we ask is that you shop responsibly, avoid plastic and styrofoam such as plastic bags and take-away food boxes. If in last case you find yourself with it in your hands – please dispose of it properly.