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Welcome to Conversation Club

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara
Mondays through Thursdays a loud chatter can be heard coming from a normally quiet café as Nepali girls age 10-50 learn English through conversation with our volunteers.
Conversation club doesn’t start until 4:30 but the local girls start trickling in around 4. Pinky and Priya, sisters, arrive and immediately walk over to Brendan and greet him ‘you were sick yesterday.’ Brendan nods his head and replies in Nepali. The sisters giggle and introduce a friend who is joining the club for the first time.
It’s a typical start to conversation club and routines have quickly set in even through the group is only in its infancy. The conversation group was formed just two months ago in response to a local volleyball coach’s concern for his players. Most Nepalis learn to read and write English in school but they have little practise speaking it which is vital when it comes to getting a higher paying job.
In just eight weeks, the club has seen regular attendance by the initial group of volleyball girls and new locals seem to join each week as word spreads. Through conversation, doodles and the occasional vocabulary list volunteers and the girls share cultures. As bonds form discussion topics progress from favourite foods and hobbies to religion and sometimes even dating.
So far the club has relied on an informal system of teaching English in which volunteers have created flashcards and practise worksheets to cater to individual girls who need help in a certain area. Due to the success and amazing attendance of the group more resources are being collected. The GVI hub in Thailand is working together with local staff to share resources and secure some English teaching books to cater to the girls who need to review the basics. Cheers for the help.