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Weekends Away

By 6 years ago
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Kenya is known for its beautiful beaches and tropical climate. While being on the GVI Mombasa Teaching project its nice on your time off to travel around and see other parts of Kenya. Having been in Kenya awhile I have had the opportunity to see some beautiful places. Coast side there are many places to visit such as Malindi, Kilifi, Lamu Island, Diani Beach, Shimoni, Watamu and Tiwi Beach. Whilst everyone has different budgets to adhere to and work around there are many options available with many different price ranges.

One place I love is Watamu two hours North of Mombasa this would come under the lower price range. Watamu is a beautiful quite coastal town with some amazing scenery. A two hundred shilling matatu drive and your there. Krabella Guesthouse centered within walking distance of the main town and one minute walk from the beach would be my accomadation of choice. Its self-catering with some gorgeous outside spacious area and at a very reasonable price for what your recieving. Watamu is also a tuk-tuk ride away from the infamous Gede ruins which is a 12th century Swahili village that was mysteriously abandoned some 600 years ago with some amazing architecture it is well worth the trip. There’s no better way to unwind after a week of teaching. I would highly recommend it to all.

Another place I was blown away by is Kilifi situated around one hour from Mombasa. I stayed on a floating boathouse emerged in the Kilifi Boatyard. The floating house sleeps 6 people (more the cheaper) with breathtaking views of the Kilifi creek. Its self catering and has a beautiful veranda are in which you can sit back and enjoy a cold tusker. My favourite part about staying on the floating boathouse is jumping into the water and swimming with the fish. We also took a canoe ride up the creek at sunset which is completely uninhabited and stopped off at a remote beach to take in the views.

Weather your here on the project for two weeks or 6months there is something for everyone with varying budgets. But I would highly recommend going out and seeing Kenya. One of my favourite places on Earth.

Aoife, September 2011