Week of the Wurtle

By Belinda Weir 3 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

My first week on Curieuse Island is complete, and it has been amazing, despite being mauled by mosquitoes all over.

I am now in my second week here, and I wake up at 6am for the infamous “Long Wurtle” (Turtle Walk), my favorite survey.

Whilst walking 45 minutes to Grand Anse (our final beach destination), we pass through a mix of crabby mangroves, beautiful beaches, spidery bush land, a Rangers Station filled with hundreds of giant tortoises and arriving at a hill which can be described as being as steep and tough as Mt Everest. We then descend down the other side of the ‘Mt Everest’ sized hill, to the beautiful beach of Grand Anse.

Whilst sitting, waiting and hoping (with fingers crossed) for turtles to come and nest on the beach, I see fins gliding through the shallows of the water. Hoping they are dolphin, I point out the fins, which to my shock end up being lemon sharks. I then make a VERY IMPORTANT mental note to myself – DO NOT put my big toe near these waters again for the remainder of my time on Curieuse Island!

Then for the finale, a hawksbill turtle emerges from the shore line and proceeds to walk up the sand and nest right next to where we were sitting. After eagerly watching the whole process of the turtle crawling up on the beach, watching her find a position to nest on the beach, body pitting, digging a hole for her eggs and 100 photos later, we finally see our new friend off as she immerses herself back in the sharky waters and heads back out to sea.

Then for the walk back up and down “Everest”, we gradually make our way back to camp, get ready for a new day ahead and say goodnight in our new, star-filled home, in the islands of Seychelles.

Peace Out,

The Mosquito Victim