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By 6 years ago
Categories Cape Town
This is Vusi. He is one of eight kids we have just introduced to our surfing project, most of whom have no idea what surfing is or in some cases even what the sea is. As one who had never surfed until February of this year I can certainly relate to some of that!
You cannot imagine the excitement of a child who lives predominantly in one town when they firstly drive out of that town, then to the beach, then put on a wetsuit (whatsuit?) and get taken into the water to lie on a bit of wood and have a wave push you along, clinging on for dear life and giggling hysterically. Our coach Emile described it as “an honour” and I have to agree. To be a part of such a huge new experience and to be able to say “I made that happen”, and then enable this to continue and grow is humbling.
Vusi has been surfing twice now and within the first half hour was trying to stand up without having been told how and somehow getting it pretty much spot on. The coaches have been really impressed with the progress of all our students, and reckon that some of them have a good chance at entering competitions in the New Year. The original four (the Tuesday group) are still blossoming and still loving everything to do with surfing. Long may it last!
Nick Herrick – Sports & Surfing Coordinator