Vulture Census on Zimanga

By GVI Staff 5 years ago
Categories Limpopo

Our volunteers got the opportunity to participate in the Annual Vulture count on Zimanga.

In collabouration with the provincial KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife and Endangered Wildlife Trust, a wildebeest and impala carcass were laid out on successive days. It made for a spectacular show of vulture strength and agility. Some of these birds have a wingspan of up to 280cm. A third of the population of the endangered Lappet Faced Vultures in the entyre KZN province were counted and others like Hooded, White headed, Cape and White Backed Vultures where among the hundreds around the carcasses. In total we counted 123 white-backed, 10 Lapped Faced, 5 Cape, 1 white headed and 1 hooded.