Volunteer Voice: The Illusion

By 5 years ago
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Written by Munib, 3 month volunteer (introduction by Rachel, Field Staff)

Recently we continued our current run of exciting jag news with our first sighting of the year! Two volunteers and a staff member had gone down the beach to set up cameras on a freshly killed Leatherback turtle. It was just past mile 14, which is 3 1/2 miles from base, so there was a debate about whether or not to go, but the opportunity to get more shots of the jags at a Leatherback kill was too good to miss.

A photo from one of the camera traps, taken whilst the team were on the beach

Having set up the camera the team decided to wait close by, just in case the jaguars came back. After about twenty minutes of waiting, the vultures exploded from the vegetation-a sure sign that a jaguar was close by. The team crept along the shoreline, binoculars poised and ready, and were rewarded with seeing two jaguars, and watching them for about an hour. It is a rare thing to see the jags and so this was a wonderful experience for all involved.

 The second jaguar trying to drag the Leatherback.

Munib has written the following poem to describe the expeience.

The Illusion

‘Paradise doesn’t exist’ they said,

‘Magic is a misconception’ they said,

‘Dreams lack reality’ they said.

Each step on a grain: an epiphany,

Each breath: a gift.

A confused mind took a step, a deceptive heart sunk.

In the distance she lay in deep sleep, in the distance the slayers creep

A beating heart knows…or does he?

He believes…but do they?

‘Paradise doesn’t exist’ they said,

‘Magic is a misconception’ they said.

Moments pass, the wind swirls,

Soaring slayers signal a sign.

A beat..,a breath..,a feeling encapsulates the mind

The illusion is real…or is he?

Each crawl sprays the sand, each look an expectation,

Each crawl a spray of expectation, each look a strain

The whispers of the sea summon you, the shadow of the forest calls for you!

None you shall heed to for the illusion is real!

Close your eyes for the diamond shines bright,

Open your eyes for the illusion is in sight.

‘Paradise doesn’t exist’ they said,

‘Magic is a misconception’ they said,

‘Dreams lack reality’ they said,

‘Life is an illusion’ they said, so keep dreaming!