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Dolphins, English classes, health workshops, rescue course and much more...

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan

We’ve been having a lot of action in the last few days at Pez Maya. With impressive thunder surrounding base, everyone has had the chance to study and work hard to be able to start monitoring soon. While some of the volunteers just finished their rescue diver certificates, others have already started monitoring.  All of this is very exciting and a little bit sad as we’re reaching the end of a phase for some of the volunteers, and saying goodbye to five friends: Yusuf, Alannah, Dannie, Malcom and Maddie.

In addition, we’re also advancing on our project in Punta Allen teaching English to children and adults and implementing healthcare seminars. The children in Punta Allen are finally back in school after the teacher strike, so every Monday some of the staff members and volunteers work hard to give lessons of English and marine conservation. We also are just starting a project involving the sterilization and de-parasitism of street dogs in this community. This is a good way of improving the overall well-being of this town because we are empowering locals to lead and organize the project as well as gather resources.

Last Tuesday we had a memorable experience when we encountered a family of dolphins on the way to one of our dive sites. We stopped to snorkel with them and some of the volunteers were able to dive with them as well! There were at least 8 (6 adults and 1 juvenile) dolphins and they were very playful and friendly. After at least 60 minutes of swimming with the dolphins, we went back to our boats only to see the dolphins’ surface show: a display of amazing jumps and flips. It was truly a wonderful experience. Everything is going great on base, and as usual after a beautiful sunny Wednesday with lots of fun dives, we had a great Mexican dinner with nachos and tortas de tinga. We’re also very excited to receive our two new colleagues who will be arriving to base on Saturday. We’ll all can’t wait to see what new surprises the beautiful Caribbean sea prepared for us in the weeks ahead. As for me, this is all! Good Bye!