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Under 18's - Quepos construction project

By 5 years ago
Categories Jalova
It’s nearly the end of a very short week for us under 18 volunteers in Quepos! Although the work we’ve been doing has been hard (not to mention incredibly messy), it’s been amazing fun and everyone has got so much out of it.
Our first few days mainly consisted of lugging huge bags of rocks to make concrete from one side of the port in Boca Vieja, onto the boat and up to the primary school in El Cocal. Sounds like it couldn’t be much fun, but as a team we worked together and had a pretty good time doing it! The downside was that everyone ended up with a layer of mud on their back so thick it was almost impossible to wash off!

More recently, we’ve been prepping the floor of the classroom we’re renovating for a brand new concrete floor which should hopefully be done tomorrow! This involved cracking up the old, broken concrete (and accidentally breaking pipes in the process) and then carrying the rubble out of the room for use as the foundations for a storage room which is also currently being constructed. Everyone in the group is really motivated and breaks are taken very rarely, but today we did have time to try some coconut water while having a breather! It has a very unique flavour which most of us appreciated…
It’s really rewarding for us to see just how much progress we’ve made during the four days on site, and although tomorrow will be our last day on the project, everyone has really enjoyed themselves and we will all be checking regularly on the progress of the school renovations. And while we’ve worked ourselves to sleep, we couldn’t have achieved any of this without the help of the locals who have been absolutely lovely and dedicated some insane Tico strength to the project.

Pura Vida! 
Holly Cheeseman – Under 18’s volunteer