Turtling night

By Sara Rose 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

The sun sinks over the horizon, with the full moon shinning through the sky. You may think the day is over, but for some, it has just begun. Turtling starts at 10 pm and usually it ends up at around 3:30 am (although some times turtlers returned at 7 am).

When we go Turtling we check to see if there are any mama turtles about to lay eggs. Sadly, with the season ending, we didn´t see many of them, but, we were lucky enough to see babies! We actually brought one back to base (not as a pet obviously, but to release her at night to give her a chance to survive). We dropped her off in the sand at the beach we found her, and we watched her go into the water and start her journey.

Another thing we did was clean all of the hatched nests. “Cleaning” simply means taking all the hatched, deformed or unhatched eggs out of the nest, count them and then put them back in the nest. We burry the eggs in the nest because its nutrients are fantastic for the environment.

On a nest we cleaned early Wednesday morning we counted 104 hatched and 14 unhatched eggs. You may think over 100 eggs per nest are a lot but the rate of survival is 1 to 1000. This season alone we have recorded more than 3000 hatched eggs and more than 200 Mamas laying eggs.

And to end this blog I just want to say goodbye to one of our absolutely amazing staff that is leaving us today. Thank you so much for all your hard work and late nights Jessica, Pez Maya will miss you.