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These are a Few of My Favourite Things

By 6 years ago
Categories Cape Town
I have been at Nceduluntu for 3 weeks now and I have grown so attached to the kids at the nursery. Here are a few of my favourite things:

My favourite time of day at the nursery is when the kids just wake up from their lala (sleep) and stumble out into the courtyard rubbing their eyes, find their shoes and sit down next to me so sleepily. Although I love when the nursery is loud, full of laughter and madness, it is a precious time when the kids are so quiet and calm together. Sometimes one of them lays their head in my lap and snoozes for an extra few minutes. It’s such a small part of the day but it makes me feel so loved.
My favourite song at the nursery is the “Banana Song” because they are so animated when they dance through the silly verses. They don’t know what the English words are exactly so some of the words are pronounced in their kid way and it is adorable. My second favourite song at the nursery is “Bungalow” because it gives the kids a chance to show off their awesome dance moves.

My favourite class moments are when you teach a lesson and you can see the moment they really GET it. I cherish the moments you witness the light bulb going off in their heads or when you teach them something and they are not just repeating it back to you. They are using their beautiful little brains.
My most favourite thing of all is getting to know each child individually when we have free time. I love that they crave your love and attention and truly enjoy your company in spite of the language barrier. I love that they are so curious. They will come up to me and point to something and ask, “Teacher, what is this?” with a smile I could never forget.
Lydia Burns – Nceduluntu Volunteer