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The miraculous Mangrove Marvels - WINNERS!!

By 5 years ago
Categories Phang Nga

On Friday 27th April GVI volunteers and staff travell\ed to Bor Thor, a local beauty spot where you can kayak through mangroves and limestone ‘karsts’, this trip, however, was not for sightseeing

The competitors: ‘Pretty Aroys’ and ‘Mangrove Marvels’

This was the venue for GVI Ao Luk’s first Charitable Trust Challenge – the Krabi Kayaking Krypton Factor – and what a challenge it was!

The contest was one of brains and brawn, consisting of 3 rounds, each of which was made up of a team task, mental mission and physical battle.

Pretty Aroys: prematurely cocky having won the first round!

Kayaking through the humid mangroves

Barbara & Bertram, kayaking for the Marvels, took a soaking as their kayak capsized while they tried to collect their token. The Pretty Aroys soared through the first round to – controversially – take the lead and were pretty pleased with themselves going into round two…. 

The competition starts to get to some people…

The Mangrove Marvels – now a team member down as Kirsty was excluded from the second round – started to close the gap, winning the 2nd team task, but lost their head-start for the kayaking when they struggled to decode their clue. Once again the Aroys kayaked into first place, extending their lead even further.  

Pretty Aroys taking on the team task
Kirsty on the sidelines for round two

In round three it the Mangrove Marvels got their mojo back! Kirsty & Bertram smashed the Aroys’ efforts in the physical challenge and Sue – or ‘Sueper brain’ – trounced the Aroy quiz team single-handedly, leading the Mangrove Marvels to an unexpected but well deserved victory.

Marvels quizzing it up
Mangrove Marvels – the victors!

After all the excitement the Marvels were treated to a delicious victory lunch, which they graciously shared with the good sports of the Pretty Aroys.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part, and to everyone who donated; we raised GBP 70 – not bad for our first challenge – and the website is still up if you’d like to donate something , it’s not too late 🙂

The money we’ve raised will contribute to providing language training to local English teachers, many of whom have limited English and most of whom have no formal language training. 

Watch this space for future challenges!

Ao Luk Project Manager