The Mighty Bardan!!

By Ronald Oloo 5 years ago
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My maritime days in marine survey have been amazing!! I feel like I can’t get enough words to describe my experience… Thanks to all the marine crew, as without you guys it wouldn’t have been this cool.

THE Mighty Bardan!
After the first marine day I thought I was done
But always maritime stayed the hardened Bardan!
Early morning as we count on boats and nets
Children yawning as they happily wave.

Go Bardan, go hit the waves!!
Cruising gracefully past Funzi Bay
It’s always marine day after day.
Moving to Kisite spotting dolphins
Taking snap shots of their beautiful dorsal fins

Humpback Whale tail
I’ll never live to tell a tale,
Without ever mentioning the Humpback Whale!!
From a safe distance as we sail
We watch them gently beating their tail
Bardan’s body is properly nailed
Though at times it needs to be bailed!

This is done using tins and pails
As magnificent Bardan never fails

We snorkel gracefully over coral garden
Keeping watch behind us, crawls Bardan
We get tyred at times, so slow
But Bardan never fails to take us to shore
Go Bardan go my BOAT!!

Written by Ronald Oloo, an attachee at KWS Kisite MNP who joined our program for 4 weeks.