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The inspiration called Julie (a blog from Sat Camp)

By 6 years ago
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Julie is the project manager in Tsavo and is one tough cookie that does not take any shit, from locals or volunteers. Once she has had her morning coffee she’s off, making sure things are going smoothly with the hides and skins project which she helped set up and will hopefully help bring some well need employment and money to the local community, or meeting with the Massai ladies to talk about ideas and marking strategies on how to sell their beautiful jewelry. She even manages to get in a few bird surveys that then go to towards developing a species list which helps trains the tour guides at the Kidong Cultural Centre

Not only all that, but in the short week that I volunteered under Julie she also introduced the Morgina tree (an amazing plant from India which grows in hot climates, doesn’t need much water and can do wonderful things from give oil to provide essential victims and minerals) the community, gathered the seeds needed and helped them plant them.

She really is a great inspiration constantly on her feet and constantly thinking of new ways and projects to help. If I can give only just a small percentage of what she does whilst here in Kenya, I’d be very proud of myself indeed.