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The glorious days of all have reached Pez Maya this week!

By 6 years ago
Categories Yucatan

 The monitoring of coral and fish is running smoothly and we are all happy. But the most happy is the new five weekers who now all are advanced open water divers. They have been struggling with compasses, boats and deep dives with great success.
And good for all the other of us is that they have been encouraging the kitchen people to amazing food
this week. Feels great after days like these here on base.
We also had a couple of mindblasting nights with a sky as clear as…I don’t know what. We assemble
on the beach and just lie there and watching the great big black and beautiful! And what a moment to
share with newfound friends. Some of us even slept on the beach all night. The aftermath of that is that
I ¡t can be done with some wind going on. Otherwise the mosquitos will have a feast all plated up

Some amusement along the side is to watch the Mexican workers build us a new roof over communal
area. They seem happy and take veeeeery long breakes But I guess that’s the way the roll around here.
The roof itself will be stronger than ever before!

So with this I am hoping for more great weather next week! We had a good streak so a continue of that
would be yum! See ya!