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The Boat That Rocked

By 5 years ago
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Having had our initial rafting trip cancelled due to inclement weather it was with cautious excitement that approached the latest 3 day rafting expedition. This however was abated by the knowledge that through people sponsoring me to take part in this trip I was helping contribute towards one of GVI’s long term aims of enabling Olives Rehabilitation Centre purchase it’s own plot of land to build a school. The fact that fellow GVI members Sophie and Jenn would be with me on this trip was also a source of comfort.

Over the course of the next few days we had to confront a number of different challenges, including but not limited to facing angry hippo’s, 10ft crocodiles and a tarantula climbing up my leg!  All of these challenges were on top of facing a range of different white-water rapids and basic camping conditions in the habitat of some of Africa’s most dangerous animals.

However  I must say the whole experience was brilliant and something that I will never forget. The opportunity to be able to travel through a national safari park on a raft and be able to immerse myself completely in the wildlife of Africa was something I must thank Savage Wilderness for taking me on the expedition and to GVI for giving me the chance to partake.

Hopefully the experience I enjoyed throughout the trip can be matched by the extra money raised for the GVI Mombasa project.
David Wright
GVI Volunteer Staff Member