The Best Excursion Ever!

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara

The plan was set.  A school trip to the local museum – an educative way to break the daily grind.  We set off with high hopes, only to find upon arrival that the museum was closed (only on Tuesdays, which this day unluckily happened to be).  Suffice to say, we were all disappointed, adult and child alike.  Then Buntty suggested Bhat Bhetini (a local shopping center) and I was both excited and scared.

Before we continue, here’s a little context:

Most of the children with us on this day suffer from varying degrees of autism.  As my ability to control them within a schooling environment was already limited, the aspect of controlling them in an arcade made me a bit sceptical.

However all of my fears were relieved once we arrived.  The children were extremely well behaved and had a wonderful time on the attractions.  The volunteers and staff were even able to sneak in a quick game of bowling!

All in all, the best excursion ever!

Volunteer Jeigh