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Thank you for 2014

By The Cape Town Team 3 years ago
Categories Jalova

As 2014 draws to a close it’s amazing to think how much has happened in the past year. We’ve seen children who were speaking their first words now talk in full sentences, we’ve seen students not so keen on the water learn to surf and we’ve seen many children develop in so many ways either performing on high jump, being able to read new words or speak in English with more confidence. Some of the children we work with who have special needs have shown some amazing development as part of their stimulation and therapy programmes. We are pleased we have been able to support Nceduluntu with building a new classroom and support Ikhayalethemba in creating a new classroom environment as well as a snack programme. The government funded rebuilding of ACJ primary is really taking shape, we look forward to seeing the students and teachers being able to move in and use this fabulous new facility.
One of the great things about our projects is the contributions of the volunteers. They bring so many skills to our programmes and sometimes these are skills the volunteers didn’t even know about until they joined the programme. Some people also step right out of their comfort zone. Many years in finance, science or some other field far away from working with children. then coming here to work with young children and discovering a whole new world.
The year seems to have gone quickly but a lot has been achieved. So if you are a volunteer who shared your time with us this year, we say a big thank you. Your time has made a difference.

Thank you and we wish you well for 2015.