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Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

By 5 years ago
Categories Kerala
It has been almost two years since GVI Kerala started at the Auxilium school, since then, GVI and the Auxilium school have participated together in hundreds of hours of school lessons, free tuition lessons, sports training, teaching assistants, arts lessons, music lessons as well as being apart of numerous school functions and cultural activities.
We have had volunteers come through with life changing experiences some going home to change their careers and lives after being apart of the program.

It has been indeed an honour to be apart of something so special that has affected so many. In order to give back some of what we have received GVI Kerala will be doing a charity trek next month. We are aiming to raise the most amount of money we have ever raised before. The money will go to families that are struggling to keep their kids in school. By helping these families we can take some of the pressure off and avoid that last resort of having to pull their kids out of school. 

The trek itself will be over 2 days, trudging through what is sure to be a wet and dirty mountains area (as it will be smack bang in the middle of monsoon season). But hey! were doing it for the kids, you can too.

Give generously
Much Love
Gvi Kerala