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Surf's up

By GVI Cape Town 3 years ago
Categories Jalova

Three afternoons a week we take some year 6 students to Son Surf School for surf lessons. The same children attend throughout the year and the goal is to develop their skills so that they become competent surfers. We also strive to help the students become beach aware considering the environment and beach safety.
As the school year ends, we look at the amazing progress the surfers have made. At the beginning of the year, the students tentatively put on their wetsuits and headed out to the surf. Some gained confidence more quickly than others but the confidence built gradually for all, the students really had to get used to the water and the waves.
As the year has gone on, the surfers have done an amazing job. They take no time to get their wet suits on and be ready to surf. They head off with their boards under their arms and with a spring in their step. They can’t wait to tackle the waves. All of the students now confidently go about their lessons and are able to stand on the board and ride a wave. Their positive approach and willingness to persist is commendable. Mikhail, our partner at Son Surf recently declared that one of the students rode the biggest wave that he had ever seen one of the ACJ students surf. A big compliment if you are a surfer!