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Suprim the tooth-brushing pro

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara
Suprim is a tooth-brushing pro. Isha watches and learns.
Suprim is maybe three years old, but he knows what’s up. He grabs the red toothbrush out of my hand and backs away. He squats down and brushes his teeth on his own. This is very different from the other kids in his class. Today, the GVI team has been chasing around the kids from our Male Patan project site, trying to brush their teeth with some very mixed results. Some kids cry. Others purse their lips and look away.
But not Suprim. He’s a tooth-brushing pro. Sticking with it for over five minutes. He grabs Isha’s attention and she squats down watching him.
This Male Patan day care center is our fourth project site. Just like the Garden Day Care, it allows parents who are labourers to know their children are being looked after and fed a hearty meal in their absence. The project sites mentioned in the last three blogs and this one are the centers where a majority of our volunteers will work. Once volunteers finish their orientation, they work a set schedule Monday through Friday but those days are far from typical.
Today, at day care we had a tooth-brushing party – the first step in our plan to encourage better hygiene practises.  For Isha, it’s a whole new experience. A look of awe crosses her face when Suprim, our local toothbrush champion, even spits like a pro.