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Supporting victims of the floods in Thailand - an incredible response!

By 6 years ago
Categories Phang Nga

31st October 2011

Last week the team here at Ao Luk started putting to good use the generous donations so far received to help victims of the floods across Thailand. Whilst buying supplies for care parcels to send to vicitms of the floods Apple & Jax were met with further kind-heartedness, as the local shop owners in Krabi Town piled in extra supplies for free and huge gave us discounts, enabling us to put even more of the donations towards helping those in need.

Jax & Apple with the generous shop owners in Krabi Town

We packed parcels for babies, children, men and women, including vital supplies – such as uinderwear, blankets, and sanitary products – to send to one of the many temporary shelters housing evacuees north of Bangkok.

Parcels were separated to provide supplies needed to children, babies, men and women

The parcels were sent to give valuable and immediate assistance to people living in a state of limbo, as some come to terms with losing everything and others wait to see if they have been lucky enough to escape the worst of the damage.

Parcels packed and ready to go

When our original plan for transporting the parcels north fell through we were devastated to think all the donations & work might have been for nothing. Once again, the kindness and generosity of the Thai people shone through, as a local man who had heard what we were doing offered his help and delivered the parcels on our behalf.

The volunteers at GVI in Ao Luk with the prepared parcels awaiting delivery

At the time we were organising these parcels, less than a week ago, we had raised somewhere around the region of US$1500, which we were very pleased with.

As I write the current amount raised now stands at a truly incredible US$25,373, and is still rising. This is utterly astonishing and we would like to thank everyone who has donated.

Current reports are that – despite the high tides – central Bangkok has managed to escape the worst of the flooding, but many areas in the north & west of Bangkok are still suffering badly. Outside of the capital and further away from the media spotlight, many areas have already been suffering for weeks or months already.

As the flood waters finally – hopefully – begin to subside there will be a huge amount of work to do to rebuild homes and infrastructure and to begin restoring a sense of normality to thousands of people across Thailand. We will be working tyrelessly over the following weeks and months to ensure that the generous donations received get to those who need it most, and help them to rebuild their lives.

To make a donation please visit our UK site or our US site

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far!