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Summer Camp Sports Day

By 6 years ago
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This afternoon was the second afternoon of the summer camp activities in Shimoni Primary, led by all the GVI Community Interns. Today, we decided to bring with us a couple of soccer balls, rugby footballs, frisbees, and the like. It was Sports Day.  

We knew it would be a tough day, as earlier in the afternoon Eric had left his thermometre outside in the sun. About 30 minutes later, he shouted in disbelief to the entyre Shimoni house that it was 115 degrees Fahrenheit. We all groaned and hoped that perhaps his thermometre was broken. 

We pressed on, though: we arrived to the empty school and spent about 10 minutes playing in and around the school grounds. The sun was beating down on us, but we were determined to get some kids into the game. We hoped the children that passed by us in the street would notice and join in. And guess what? They did.

Several boys between the ages of about 8 and 14 sauntered into the school after having caught sight of us, scoping out our equipment and, probably, our athletic prowess as we played around together with the equipment. We stopped playing and came over to greet them, then beckoned them out onto the field to play. They jumped up with enthusiasm and ran on out to the sun, ready and waiting for a good game.

After playing with the rugby ball for awhile, we switched over to football (or soccer for those of us from the states) and split into teams. The boys were absolutely amazing players and we all had a fantastic time. 

As the afternoon wound down, everyone was exhausted and relaxed in the shade, finishing off all our water bottles and still wanting more. We said goodbye to the boys and headed back to the house. Upon entering we all arranged ourselves in front of the oscillating fans in silent satisfaction & happiness as the fan took turns blowing wind in each person’s direction. 

Text: Linnea Lundberg