Staff, Intern & Volunteer Voices- The most surprising thing about Jalova is...

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-Written by multiple volunteers and staff members

It’s that time again, we have said goodbye to another group of lovely people, some of whom who have been with us since the start of the year. This month we asked them what the most surprising thing about Jalova is.

The most surprising thing about Jalova is…

‘The amount of eyelash-palm pitvipers I have seen’ -Elco, 2 month volunteer

An eyelash-palm pitviper, yellow morph

‘The fact that it never stops surprising you’ -Rachel, field staff

‘The temperature changes…’  -Lucas, 1 month volunteer

‘That I actually like getting up at 4 am (when it means I’m going on a bird survey on the canals!)’ -Elsa, 3 month volunteer

‘The number of monkeys that we see’ -Sateesh, field staff

‘It’s ability to isolate you from the rest of the world’ -Munib, 3 month volunteer

‘The variety of cultures and backgrounds of every person on base’ -Rob, 6 month intern

Some of the surprising characters to have come through Jalova!

‘That I got sand thrown at me by a Leatherback turtle!’ -Charlie, field staff

‘The amount of new things you can learn without realising’ -Heather, 6 month intern