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So Much Energy !

By 5 years ago
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So Much Energy !

During a PE lesson as a reward for class 5’s good behaviour a brand new leather football was introduced. Watching the kids go wild with excitement and enthusiasm is an experience I will not soon forget. Before I had even set foot on the field they were already lined up in their teams and eagerly awaiting the start of the match. Not even the 34 degree heat could deter them with every individual running themselves ragged in hope that they would score against their classmates. By the end of the game it came down to a late penalty to decide the match , with so much pride riding on the match a girl called Pauline stepped up and coolly blasted the ball into the net.
Mean while a netball net had been erected at one end of the field and the remaining girls were trying their hand at shooting a couple of points. Even though the game was not competitive the shrieks of laughter and screams of excitement could be heard across the field.

By the time of the final bell, the kids were having so much fun that it became an impossible task to get them back in to class. Only after many promises to take them to PE later in the week and to do similar activities did they finally agree. Though I did not mind as I had as much fun as they did and wanted to do it all again too.

By Sam Hibberd