Shadowing the community intern

By 5 years ago
Categories Chiang Mai
For one week I had to shadow a community intern for my own internship experience; this meant that at every teaching class I was present and got involved too. There was no school as it was half term for the children but I taught the teenage villagers who don’t go to university or school and also the children in the nursery.
The nursery children are very keen to learn as they come even when school is on half term. There is only a few of them but they all sit in a circle and we play some games with them. The first thing we did was throw a ball to them and ask their names and this continues around the circle until everyone has answered and then the question is changed to something like ‘how are you’ and ‘where are you from’ and even though they are young they get the answers right. However, some of them are extremely shy as they are so young so you have to listen really carefully so you can hear them!
The teenage boys like to learn with more structure, they have all the words they have learnt written down in Thai and English. This is helpful as we can see what they have learnt and then we test them on it.  This was good as they had a few of the basics down but when testing them on what they know they had a few words they kept forgetting but by the end of the classes they had finally got them right. Knowing they had gained something from the class was very rewarding.
The teenage girls choose to have classes separate from the boys as they get shy speaking English around them. This meant that we had to teach the girls on a different day. Teaching the girls is different from the boys as they tell you exactly what they want to learn and the love testing our knowledge of Pakinyaw too. As well as this they like to just talk to us and get to know our personalities and whether or not we have boyfriends and husbands back in our home countries!

Overall the whole experience of shadowing the community intern was very interesting and I gained a big incite to what it would be like.