School fun day

By 5 years ago
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Today the volunteers helped out at the little school of Huay Pakoot. We had around 37 children between the ages of 4 11, attend our little Fun day we have set up for them.
We help them with their English through fun word games hand and body motions. The fact these kids are learning English is amazing in its self. This village is a Karen village so their native tongue is pakinyaw, they are taught at the school in Thai, than they are more than happy to learn English with us as well.
The morning begins with learning animals that the children see every day, so buffalo, chicken, fish, pig and elephant, Then clothes. So shirt pants, jacket shoes. Coupled with guessing games, picturenairy and a racing scavenger hunt through piles of clothes to see who could get the most pieces of clothing right.
Directions come next, which was a challenge in its self. It mainly consisted of lots of hand gestures and a big game of follow the leader around the school yard.
And of course no fun day is complete without a great big game of Football.
Just about all the children in the village love to play football(soccer) so the sound of giggles ,cheering and friendly rivalry wash over the school yard.
And at the end of the day we all sit down to a lovely lunch lovingly prepared by the GVI team.
Throughout the day the kids seem to not only have a good time but really absorb everything they learnt with keen interest. All of them taking notes in their note books and repeating everything said. It’s a real credit to these kids and living proof
that the kids in this little village aren’t merely just getting by, but are thriving.
Tammy Bushby