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Sarah's Last Blog in Nepal

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara

Ahh so much has happened in the last month and so little time to update everyone.  So I won’t go into detail about the trip we took last weekend up to Sarangkot where our mountain bikes broke down on us, or the 4 day trek where I stayed with a Nepali family on the hillside of Rupa Lake, or my birthday where the kids in the community made me birthday cards and a Swedish man sand to me! I’m in the airport now heading back to Kathmandu from Pokhara and it really feels like time has flown by. I told the kids I would come back and do the ABC trek (Annapurna Base Camp), and bring books and gifts and friend to visit this amazing country that has welcomed me in with open arms. I said goodbye to the women who does my laundry and her little girl wouldn’t let go of me. I saw her almost every day, walking by the shop and when I told her I was leaving she told me I had to come back and visit her.  The man in the airport I just spoke with wanted me to bring my family back to Nepal and stay with him in his family, haha he would regret that invitation if he knew the kind of chaos my family brings travelling together……lots of personality and not so ‘slowly, slowly’ (our trekking guides motto). I will miss this little country  so much, the nature the beauty, the people and the way it can get even ‘go, go, go’ me to relax and slow down.

From Sarah Werbalowsky – 4 wks volunteer