Rules for Working with Novice Monks

By 5 years ago
Categories Luang Prabang

There are certain rules that we must follow when working with Novices and Monks in English class. Sometimes it is GVI volunteers and staff that must take the lead to ensure these rules are being followed.  This is our responsibility and failing to abide by the following regulations may see us removed from temples and schools with novices:

        Avoid being overly friendly or casual with the Novices and Monks bcause they are highly revered.  Examples include calling them “Guys” or inappropriate familiarity such as slapping them on the back/shaking hands.

        If the class is mixed (ie: boys and girls), you will see that a Monk or Novice will sit either on their own or with boys in the class. They will/should never sit on the same bench as girls. The same applies with female volunteers. Women must not sit on the same bench as them.

        Women also cannot hand things to or take things directly from them. Place it down and let them pick it up. They should do the same for you but if they forget, simply gesture for them to place it down for you.

        Rather than pointing with a finger, please use an open hand gesture.

        If you are sitting on the floor, have your legs folded to the side.  For women, it is inappropriate to sit cross legged. For men, it is OK. Please don’t have your feet pointing at any Lao person, especially a Novice. 

        When checking bookwork, women must squat down as you cannot be higher than a Novice or Monk.  Be careful of gaping blouses.

        Watch that in classroom activities Monks or Novices would not have accidental contact with female students (eg: standing in a circle) or be required to have direct contact with them.

           Monks and Novices can not use singing or music as a tool to learn English. They are not meant to sing apart from the chanting of their prayers. They also can not clap or wave.

     – Novices and Monks can not play sports or any kind. This does not mean that we can not play games in the classroom but there are some restrictions.

Thank you for helping us follow these rules and we look forward to seeing you in the classroom!