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RMMS back up and running after Cyclone

By 5 years ago
Categories Fiji Islands

The new school term is now in full swing at Ratu Meli Memorial School. We now have a full complement of teachers and volunteers to help aid the pupils with their education. The volunteers have also received a short training program to maximise their effectiveness in the classroom.
The school committee have also begun spending some of the money that the school received from AustAID. The school has bought a supply of food to supplement the children’s lunches, and they have also bought a large number of mattresses so that the children who board at the school can sleep in a proper bed every night. There are many more items that the school hopes to buy, and we look forward to seeing the positive affect that this generous donation has on the school. In addition, the GVI Construction team has been repairing the damaged water systems and fixing the damaged toilets on the school grounds.
Our very successful one-on-one program is being run by two hard working volunteers. Next week, with the addition of another volunteer, we are aiming to start our advanced one-on-one program. This will be aimed at students who are finding their classwork too easy and need to be pushed further. Chosen by their classroom teachers, these students will spend time in the school library with a volunteer who will set them harder tasks to complete and tailor the sessions to suit them.
Finally, our school reading program is back up and running and volunteers are taking time out of their busy days to read, individually, with every student in class. It’s great to see the students’ engaging with the volunteers and discussing the books that they are reading.