Rice cooker baking 101

By Talia Gale 4 years ago
Categories Chiang Mai

One thing that I really missed while living in Huay Pakkoot was baking.  With no ovens in the village I had to come up with a solution; the rice cooker!  After a bit of trial-and-error, and much to everyone’s delight, a successful loaf of bread was created.  Once I had a basic white bread recipe down, the possibilities were endless.   Apple cinnamon bread or garlic and herb bread were among the most requested flavours.  Bread was not the only creation, cakes for birthdays and leaving parties were baked as well.  With requests every week for different treats I do not miss baking anymore!

If anyone is interested in trying rice cooker bread at home, here is a recipe for basic white bread cooked in a rice cooker (Measurements are approximate.  Like ovens, there is a serious lack of measuring utensils in Huay Pakkoot!):

1c.warm water

1tbl. sugar

2tsp. yeast

2.5c. flour

2tsp. oil

2tsp. salt


Mix the warm water, sugar and yeast.  Let sit until the yeast has bubbled.  Add the flour, oil and salt. Knead the dough until all the flour has been incorporated and the dough is no longer sticky.  Allow to rise for 2 hours in an oiled bowl.  Punch down the dough and reshape into a ball.  Place in the rice cooker, lined with parchment paper.  Allow to rise for 20 minutes.  Turn the rice cooker on and push the ‘cook button’ down.  Push the ‘cookbutton’ down again every 30 minutes for 3 more cycles.  Flip the bread and push the ‘cookbutton’ down.  After 30 minutes, remove the bread from the rice cooker.  Enjoy!