Reflecting on the year so far....

By 5 years ago
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We are halfway through the year and in the business of each day for the volunteers and staff it’s sometimes easy to forget all that we’ve managed to achieve.

There’s the day to day achievements; a child who learns to write their name, says their first word, reads a book more independently, is able to stand up on their surf board for the first time.  These are the achievements we all really value and it’s what makes us all love the work that we do.

Some of the other achievements that come to mind from this year include:

A physical transformation at Grade R  with painting our work room and laying artificial turf.  Our healthcare program has also thrived at Grade R this year.

In our Teaching program, we have a new reading program for the Year 6 students inspired by one of our interns which has resulted in some enthusiastic readers.  Our alphabet program for Year three students has shown some good improvements for children’s literacy.

Our Sports program has seen greater teacher involvement which is one of our core objectives and it’s been wonderful to be able to utilise the new sports field. We continue our surfing program and see continuous improvement in the students’ confidence in water.

At the orphanage, the children’s level of fluent English is great.  The older children are making good progress with their new alphabet program and we see all the children developing into confident learners. Art therapy activities have been a recent introduction to our program.

Our nursery volunteers have developed a new structure for the day, they’ve transformed the classroom with some paint and children’s work and have worked with the carers to provide some great learning tasks.  We can now also use the Sports field for physical activities! 

To all the volunteers and staff who have made contributions this year and in the past, we say thank you and we also thank those behind the scenes who may not get to be in the field all of the time but certainly are part of every achievement.

Together, everyone’s contribution makes a difference.
Cheryl Martin
Project Manager