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Rangi Changi Nepal

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara
They told me Nepal was beautiful. They told me, you will see the Himalayas from your house. Phewa lake is gorgeous. The roads will be bumpy. The people will be poor and kind. And the kids will be snotty but beautiful. They told me all this, and yet when I arrive I loose my breath. I have been here two weeks now and I have still not got it back…

Pokhara lies still yet vibrant, like a carefully buzzing dragonfly by Lake Phewa. Quiet waters spread out by the feet of lush green mountains, which in their turn lead up to the bombastic snow covered Himalayas in the horizon.

At the daycare center the kids are gorgeous with endless amount of happy energy. They are also sneezy, coughy and tyred. They all come from families with very little means, where a snotty nose or fever will not get them to a doctor. Where the hot meal they get at daycare might actually be the only one that day. So the crew here in Nepal have decided to do a fundraising event for these sweet little kids, in this amazing environment – called the Rangi Changi (which means colourful, chaotic, vibrant – basically all Nepal stands for!) We are all super excited and the more I hear about it the more I am sure the race itself will be nothing short of absolutely amazing, and the outcome – to bring a doctor in to the daycare centers for monthly check ups and care – is even more amazing. Imagine, to have been a part of making that happen!

Day one of this amazing race inspired event is a trek up Sarangkot Mountain, and next day taking the short cut down, namely Paragliding! There will then be a bike ride, detours, tricky questions, temples, Buddha belly rubbing and lots of Nepali culture all wrapped up in a pretty little package called IT’S ALL FOR CHARITY!
So don’t even think about it – join the fun! If you are not here to play – just donate! Tell all your beautiful friends and family about this amazing opportunity to help. Tell them how they too can be a part of helping these kids get regular medical attention. How awesome is that? So please, give generously, give selflessly. Together we can do this.

It’s so simple, just go to http://www.justgiving.com/GVI-Rangi-Changi-Nepal

Thank you and love always, 

Julia & the GVI Nepal Team