Putting colour into La Casa del Sol...

By 5 years ago
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Written by: Allison Wortman- Quepos Community Project Arts Volunteer

I am just finishing up my 2 week trip with GVI in Costa Rica. I came to Costa Rica with the understanding that I would be doing art with kids at a community center in El Cocal. Once I got here, I began to learn about the school and the community center that would become my workplace for the next 2 weeks. 

After spending some days in the community center working on projects with kids on all different schedules, and alongside 13 other volunteers. I learnt quickly that sometimes a nice gesture and a little colour can go a long way! 

The community center has 3 rooms for the kids to work and play in. While sitting in one of the English/reading rooms, I thought about painting a mural. Something that could be both educational and exciting. With the help of the other volunteers and some of the kids, we painted a tree scene and a beach scene. I decided to leave out animals, flowers, people, etc. This would give every kid in the community center a chance to make an animal or flower of Costa Rica, and hang it on these walls. 
When I came to Costa Rica I hoped I would not only learn something about myself, but also leave my mark with the kids in El Cocal. 
I look forward to seeing what types of pictures will be hung on these walls in the future…