Painting the Nursery

By 5 years ago
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Volunteers Zecilie, Sonny and Maya
prepping the wall for its new mural

 This past week we decided as a project to paint a mural in the nursery classroom.  Instead of just having the volunteers paint it, we got class 5 to do it.  We taught them about the solar system previously and chose that as our theme.  The class was divided into groups representing each planet; the group was then responsible for painting it.  

Volunteers Will and Zecilie and staff member
Binita helping class 5 with their big task
A full day of drawing and painting with class 5 left an amazing mural.  Not only did the kids learn about the solar system but they created a beautiful piece of artwork that everyone can admire!
The nursery class enjoying their new colourful mural
Volunteer Maya