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Operation Coconut and Rescue course in Pez Maya!

By 6 years ago
Categories Yucatan
After returning from a weekend in Valladolid, which included visiting Chichen Itza and swimming in one of Mexico’s best cenotes, we awoke on Monday to bad weather. However fear not as Jack and Ed had an ingenious plan….Operation Coconut! Operation Coconut involved fencing off a section of the beach to allow vegetation to grow including palm trees, which we planted ourselves using sprouting coconuts from around base. This area of vegetation will help to protect the coastline from storms in years to come.

After the bad weather passed, the sea became as calm as a lake and it was a postcard picture looking out of the front of base, dolphins were even spotted coming into shore! During dives this week three 3m long nurse sharks were sighted chilling in an overhang and two encounters of fairly large turtles have kept divers on their toes!

The Rescue Diver course has gotten well underway this week and the participants have been going to bed earlier than usual after spending all day saving lives! The instructors have enjoyed putting their acting skills into practise, playing panicked victims and drowning several times in a matter of minutes!

Everyone is looking forward to the last two weeks and hoping they will be as fun filled as the last 8 have been! Many people are heading off to Playa this weekend to do night dives and wreck dives, so I’m off to check everyone has packed their torch!