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Ode to Compressing

By Sebastian 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

_MG_1424Nearly five weeks have gone by in a blink. Experiences no matter how amazing and enjoyable have a habit of disappearing before you realize what has taken place. My hut has become my home, my friends have become my family, and the duties have become my passions. But I’m sure others have spoken about this before so my blog this week is a tribute…

You are there in the morning when the sun rises and there at night when the sun sets

You shine throughout the day with beauty and devotion

You remain grounded whilst allowing me to drift on an endless sea of joy

You sing to me sweetly with replenishing songs of loveDSCN0054

You make me laugh and you make me cry

You fight through the hard times and towards the good

You tell me when you’re in pain

You pick me up when I am broken

You give me purpose to fix you

You are swift yet steady

You are my one

You are my only

You fill my tanks with 3200 pounds per square inch of happiness

You bleed away my bad memories

You are Sam, my one true compressor

Without you, there would be no me.