Newly qualified TEFL teacher

By 5 years ago
Categories Phang Nga

I’ve been so enthusiastic about teaching since receiving my TEFL, I realised I only had 4 more weeks here to make the most of and I wanted to make as big an impact as possible in phang nga’s community that I’m so welcome in! I find it satisfying when a class really understands a new concept and that they’re really enjoying my lessons. The second term at the non formal education center began as I took the top students from last terms class for a special level 3 class and because its a smaller group and my own class full of students who I know well I can really tailor to their strengths and test their weaknesses. It feels hugely gratifying to see a student progress this far all the way from day 1, six weeks ago. I’m very impressed by my class and feel obliged to create fun and interactive challenges during lessons to best utilise their linguistic potential. I’m motivated to take plenty of time planning and preparing for these lessons because I want to keep them interested in learning the language, I also want to prove my own potential as a teacher so that at the end of the term, my students may move up to level 4!

It’s a shame that I am leaving after this TEFL term because I wanted to see my students’ progression, I hope to stay in contact and maybe come back and see them one day. I hope the enjoyment of my teaching inspires them to go out and learn bits of English for themselves. Yesterday I saw that one student had been doing some research on the topic of the previous lesson, she had an extensive sheet of vocabulary which I responded to and explained to the rest of the class. I’m impressed that my students are interested in picking more English outside of the lesson and it’s great when they have questions or inputs of their own. It helps me gauge what sort of content I should include in my lessons that will allow them to speak English confidently in a real life situation.

Additionally we’ve been set up with teaching at the Japanese Saori tsunami charity where the students are very eager to learn better English for visitors to the charity who come to support their cause. There’s a clear difference between people I’ve only taught a couple of times and the people who I’ve taught many times on a regular basis, I do my best with the Saori teaching and they are doing well but it can’t compare to really having my own class. If anyone was going to teach English over here I would tell them that I’d stay for longer because all your work early on, you can begin to see it really pay off and that you’re really making a difference for people!

On my weekends I’ve decided to go and teach at the orphanage which I organised by talking to some of the staff from hands across the water, they’re really hospitable and glad to accept my help not just for teaching the kids at the orphanage but also entertaining and playing with them which is a great way to let off steam right after a lesson! I’d rather be more involved here while I can be and do trips and travelling later on this year, I feel like it’s an opportunity of a life time and I’ve never felt so morally convicted with what I’m doing.

Jack Sanctuary (TEFL volunteer)