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New York City to Mombasa Kenya

By 6 years ago
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When I signed up to long term volunteer as a teacher in Mombasa, Kenya, I made an effort to go in with no expectations. However, I couldn’t help but wonder what life would be like in Africa. In the preceding weeks before my arrival, my excitement grew, but so did my fears. Although my fears were only a fraction of my mother’s, I still had concerns about safety, the living quarters, and whether I’d be eating rice and beans 3 times a day for the next six months. As I said, I tried to not have any expectations, but Mombasa has exceeded my preconceived best case scenario.

For instance, I haven’t felt unsafe in Mombasa at all. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain dangers to be cautious about, as in any city, but over-all the locals have been very friendly and hospitable. I was preparing for the worst and thinking I might end up living in a hut with anouthouse and a bucket for a shower. However, the volunteer house is actually quite comfortable with such luxuries as electricity, and running water. As for the food, it couldn’t be better. We all take turns cooking for the house and because ingredients are somewhat limited, the dinners become creative. I’m still thinking about Dave’s sweet potato mash, and tonight I helped make a delicious chick-pea curry.
Not knowing what to expect, I was certainly nervous about picking up and coming to Kenya to volunteer. Of course I’m a bit out of place so far from New York, but the volunteers, the GVI staff, and the locals, have made me feel right at home. I’ve only been here less than a week, but I’m confident that I’ll enjoy the rest of my time and I’m excited to experience whatever comes my way. One thing that can be expected is a warm welcoming, an extremely warm welcoming….. It is incredibly hot in Africa!