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New rescue divers and Tulum trip in Pez Maya!

By 6 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Week nine at Pez Maya was mostly a calm one at sea, which meant a lot of progress on the science side of things with the staff and volunteers combined completely finishing off one monitoring site, and swiftly beginning a new one. Also week nine brought a new wave of rescue divers to being with volunteers Nadia, Ginny, David, Anneli, Ryan, Hannah and Amir becoming certified Padi Rescue Divers, making the sea now a safer place to be.
When the guys were building the roof in our base, we had to sit and eat on the beach under some coconut trees. Now when we have a proper roof some of us decided that it is much nicer to sit on the beach than the actual communal areaJ Apparently the discussions are a lot more intresting over thereJs
As for the rest of the weekend some of the volunteers decided to venture into Tulumfor the weekend and spent the day and a half relaxing, buying gifts and as the darkness dawned, the salsa dancing (or attempt at salsa dancing) began.
So all in all it has been a very productive and enjoyable week at Pez Maya, and it is scary to think that there is just one left to come!
Until next time, (the final time L),