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New open waters, spotting and sizing!

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan

New week, new weather! The first boat of the phase went out… only one boat went out on Monday, but we´ll look on the bright side of things! The week turned into a diving bonanza with different people going out everyday, so no complaining on base.  Since everyone could dive we have two newly qualified open water divers! Congrats Eric and Aaron (round of applause please!) More good diving news Marti and Mat started doing proper, hardcore fish monitoring as well as Michelle and Jonas doing coral monitoring. Eric has passed his fish test and is ready to start spotting and sizing! Jim saw the resident nurse shark of BBC and on Fun Dive Friday Sophie, Molly, Alex and Maria saw a Spotted Eagle Ray at Labrynth… Stephen did not see the ray, because he was asleep at the bottom of the ocean. At the end of the dive however, Alex had to be
hauled on to the boat due to a lack of fins.
On the community side, Crystal, Stephen, Alex and Jessie went to Punta Allen for the weekly English lesson. As well as eating meat midweek… YUMMY!! Cristal has also been doing lots of bird watching and working on her spanish skills. Unfortunately Sisse left at the begining of the week. We all miss you so much and wish you were still here!
PS. Ben’s mum, Ben says HI! (and he´s still alive)