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My third trip back to the project

By 6 years ago
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This is my third time in Mombasa, volunteer teaching at Precious with GVI and I’m still having a great time. Although the time does seem to be flying by a little too quickly for my liking! This week so far has been the best yet, after a nice relaxing weekend we’ve been plunged into the chaos of term time! This means we now have a full day in the classroom teaching everything from Maths to Creative Arts to Sport.

Also, as it’s term time, most of the children have came back from holiday s, usually they’ll be sent up country by their parents to visit distant relatives hours away, so now instead of having a manageable handful of children in the class we’ve gone up to just over thirty, with the total number of kids reaching 200ish.
However hectic it may be, its still my favourite part of this volunteer project, we get to see the children progressing through their work, get to set exams and really get to know the kids we’re working with. In addition to my already full timetable I’m still taking the first-aid classes, which seem to be going well.
We now have 8 partially competent first aiders in Precious, which means teachers are no longer pulled out of class to clean a child’s wound or put on a plaster. The kids absolutely love it too, today I gave them little badges with “First Aider” on it, you should’ve seen their faces, they were delighted, parading about the front yard showing off their new badges!

In addition to writing this I’ve also had my hands full creating a quiz for the entertainment of staff and volunteers out here, luckily I managed to get away with using a lot of the questions I had used in my fundraiser at home! So overall, im still having a great time here, the school is better than ever and as always the kids are absolutley fantastic!

By GVI volunteer, Craig Noble