My last week

By 5 years ago
Categories Phang Nga

My time in Thailand is coming to an end and I’m really glad I came here, I think I’ve grown a lot as a person. I’ve become more confident, more organised and more motivated. I spent my last weekend at the orphanage, a huge group of motorcycle guys came to visit on Saturday and on Sunday we witnessed a man named Game who used to be at the orphanage when back when the tsunami hit become a monk. The ceremonies were beautiful and his monk-hood brought honour to the whole Baan Than Nam Chai family. Everyone was so kind and grateful for my teaching there for the last few weekends, the woman who runs the orphanage told me I was part of their family and to come back any time. I will come back one day, I’m sure of it and I won’t forget their hospitality. I said goodbye to one of the kids at the orphanage who had grown quite close to me, I explained that I was going home and that I was sad about it. I expected her to be a bit upset but she just smiled and told me to be happy, it really surprised me how mature the 10 year old girl was; those kids must have seen so many foreigners come and go, they’re better than me at moving along with things and not being upset by a goodbye. I was inspired to be more resilient myself but I still had a few moments where I felt very said about my leaving.

Teaching has been going great, every day feels like a privilege; I will miss all my students. At the prison, the guy who teaches regularly there told me I was a natural teacher which was a very happy moment for me. At the Saori charity, the students gave me a pair of awesome looking fisherman’s pants and took lot’s of pictures. My last classes with my NFE class were very rewarding, teaching has become natural, I’m not saying I never make any mistakes but when I do I know how to improvise or how to correct them and every lesson, I learn a little more about my students, my teaching or both. I tested them on Wednesday and felt that it went well, most of them did surprisingly well especially my best student who hadn’t turned up to all of the lessons, I guess I did a good job with my review lesson the day before to help her catch up. After handing out the certificates to students, I was given two Takua Pa T-shirts which made me really proud and rewarded for my efforts, the students were thankful and I was too.
My last two days approach and I’m coming to terms with arriving home, I think it will be good and I’m not sad about it anymore. I feel like I’ve done enough here and seen enough progress to allow myself to head home but I will never forget this beautiful place in all its reality, not the silly touristy Thailand but the real towns and villages like Baan Nam Khem that actually need our help in the communities. For that reason I’m glad GVI moved to Phang Nga. I hope to take my new skills, disciplines and insight back home with me. These last few days have given me a real sense of accomplishment.
Jack Sanctuary (TEFL teacher)