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My first experience teaching in Thailand

By Maddie Tutton - Teaching Children Volunteer 3 years ago
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When I first arrived at GVI’s Phang Nga base, I was very nervous to teach. Just the thought of being in front of the class was overwhelming. All the presentations and preparation GVI gave me were very helpful, but nothing could take that anxious feeling away. I walked into my first class sweating. All the students were there. As the lesson began, I quickly realized it wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be. It was running quite smoothly except for one thing: my students kept laughing at me and I couldn’t figure out why. I was so embarrassed but I just kept going. Finally, my co-teacher told me I had a mustache. I had been wiping the white board marker off the board with my hand and then wiping my upper lip because it was so hot. I still joke about it with that class. It broke the ice and made me feel more confident in front of the class. Since then I’ve made it a goal to make my students laugh at me being silly to break the ice and make the classroom a more comfortable place to be.

Maddie Tutton – Teaching Children Volunteer