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My experiences as a Quepos Volunteer

By 5 years ago
Categories Jalova
I had been working with some of the kids for about a week just learning the ropes before I was given an English class to teach with a couple of other girls. 

There is something so special about having that teacher/student bond where the students know and trust you.  The way their faces light up when they understand something or how proud they are when you tell them they got the answer correct.  
I remember when a girl who had been causing trouble for weeks, came up to us and showed us that not only had she done her homework but she had done extra, making a game out of it. 
Those kind of moments where special, and to witness the change in a person and maybe even having some part in the change is a wonderful feeling. 
I now see why people want to teach…

Quepos Community program Volunteer- Jemma